Avalanche VR

Virtual Reality is a completely new medium. It allows an immersive, interactive experience.

AVALANCHE VR is an educational simulation and gives users the unique chance to go beyond the limit and explore the consequences of risky decisions.

It is made for free-riders, snow-hikers, ski-tourers and everyone potentially being exposed to the danger of avalanches.

AVALANCHE VR will be available for Beta-Testers in Winter 2018/19.

Invest half an hour to save your life.

The rider evaluates several information while progressing through the simulation and takes decisions in order to plan a safe tour.

As the application is laying on an elaborated algorithm, the simulated scenarios are subject to variations so that the rider is challenged every time with different circumstances.

The application tracks progress data in realtime and delivers an evaluation graph about the riders behaviour. Such data includes a heat-map where the rider looked at, as well as the time spent on taking decisions.

The simulation begins with the basic information: weather forecast, avalanche bulletin and the terrain/map of the hike. Based on this briefing the user selects the mountain, proceeds to the tour’s starting point and decides which gear to take on the tour, how many riders take part and which path is the best for the actual conditions.

Decisions have to be taken all the way up to the peak and on the way down, all input is evaluated in realtime. At the end of the experience the user gets an analysis of his choices.

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The benefits and possibilities

Product placement

AVALANCHE VR offers a unique spot for your brand or product.

Our partners and sponsors can show their product in a very innovative way, in a completely new medium and position themselves as early adapters and opinion leaders.

Worldwide audience

AVALANCHE VR will reach a worldwide audience through various distribution channels. The application will be available for free for alpine associations and private users. Our target is more than 50.000 downloads in the first year.

Destination Marketing

The whole landscape in AVALANCHE VR can be customized.

Any touristic destination could be the training area for everybody around the globe.